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2005-08-20 PETA
2004-01-05 SqueezePlay
2003-12-28 CNN In the Money
2003-11-30 Radical Sabbatical
2003-11-19 Travel and Leisure
2003-06-25 Fido Friendly
2003-06-06 Cat Fancy Travel Article
2003-06-06 Ask Heloise Radio appearance
2003-05-31 Great Scots Magazine
2003-05-25 New York Daily News mentions Companion Air as safe alternative
2003-05-08 NBC Today Show!!
2003-04-06 Sunday Chicago Tribune covers Companion Air
2003-03-13 Travel Channel On-line mentions Companion Air
2003-03-11 Animal Planet On-Line Highlights Companion Air as something new for animals
2003-03-07 Animal News Center mentions Companion Air
2003-02-23 San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Section
2003-02-23 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Covers Companion Air
2003-02-23 New Haven Register metnions Companion Airs coming service
2003-02-23 Arizona Republic mentions Companion Air
2003-02-16 Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Travel Section
2003-01-15 AAA Mid-Atlantic
2002-12-08 Palm Beach Life Fall 2002
2002-12-05 BARK Magazine
2002-11-26 The Vancouver Sun Highlights Companion Air
2002-11-22 CKNW, western Canadas largest radio station interviews Companion Air
2002-11-20 Der Tagesspiegel, The Berlin Daily Newspaper
2002-11-01 Dog News features Companion Air
2002-10-28 St. Louis Post-Dispatch mentions Companion Air
2002-10-20 Business Week Money Talks covers Companion Air
2002-10-17 German Press Agency (DPA) picks up the Companion Air story!
2002-10-16 Doug Stephans Radio Show
2002-10-13 Sunday New York Times
2002-10-01 November Dog Fancy
2002-09-17 Long Island Newsday - Web Sites of interest
2002-09-04 MSNBC Nachman
2002-07-01 Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
2002-06-19 Boca News
2002-06-19 Fox Cleveland
2002-06-10 Sun-Sentinel
2002-05-04 Toronto Star Talks about Companion Air
2002-05-01 U.S. Humane Society Activist
2002-04-21 Long Island Newsday Refers Companion Air
2002-03-04 The Weekly of Business Aviation publishes article on Companion Air idea
2001-12-29 Pet Talk Radio Interviews Rick Roof, Companion Air CEO
2001-12-01 On-line interview with Rick Roof, Companion Air CEO, on PetRadio.com

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